The Forger
The Forger originally started as a small passion project born of my admiration of the heist film genre and a series of documentaries on the subject of fine-art forgery. The idea came about during the Covid-19 lockdown and gradually transformed into many variations of a script until I felt it was something worth shooting in early 2022.
A highly successful fine-art forger embeds himself into the world of art authentication in order to gain access to priceless works of art and control the authenticity of his forgeries, until one day an art thief threatens his entire way of life.
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Funding | Mintworthy Film Project
I knew before I was even finished writing The Forger that it was going to be an ambitious short film to produce and would need financial backing to bring all of the pieces together without compromising on the vision. 
My first thought was to apply for film grants as there are many fantastic options for indie filmmakers. After over 70 application were sent, and the feeling of carpal tunnel set in, I went to bed proud of my hard work. But the next morning came and the rush the marathon of applications was behind me. The reality of the odds hit me. I thought to myself "No one gets these things." And I wasn't about to wait around any longer to make my film, so I decided to put together a slimmed down budget and fund it myself.
I had put together a crew, found locations, cast talent, and everything was ready to film, then one day I had a voicemail on my phone by an unknown number... Turns out some people did read my script! And they liked it! And they liked my other work on this very website! They were called Mintworthy, and they are part of the emerging Film3 community, where indie filmmakers can fund their work via NFTs on a decentralized platform. Thanks to Mintworthy, I was able to bring my vision to life, learn from experts in their fields of filmmaking, and make valuable connections in the Film3 community!
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